Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2/2/10 HorseMaster - Up & At It

We got to the barn around 7:20. Found Ransom hadn’t been given breakfast or hay. That’s fixable. We met the barn manager, who was a gracious host. She explained there was no reason we should feed him, or muck his stall. I explained the confusing information from the night before. She clarified that she would be feeding, if we’d set it out obvious, and have the stall mucked for us. R and I checked in with the staff, who informed us they were “Flexible” about the schedule due to the weather. All well & fine. If they wanted me, that’s what my phone # was on the schedule for.

Back to the room to grab my show clothes, and then off to breakfast. Yummy. Then we went back to the barn to check back in. The rain had subsided, so they were working with the first horse/rider pair. Instead of working on water crossing, they were working on side passing. Neat to watch. I focused on how the crew worked the cameras & filming, and concentrated on how they interacted. While they were filming, Julie worked with the horse. But more importantly, while they weren’t filming, and they were fussing with the cameras and microphones, and all the pieces and parts, Julie was still working with the horse. Neat! By the time we wandered off, they were still filming in bits, but the horse was sidepassing from the ground with minimal effort.

I got my clothes reviewed and picked through by one of the crew staff. With shirts & breeches picked, I checked my phone. I had asked one of the assistant trainers if it would be okay to ride during the day. Turns out, that was a good time to do it.

R and I hurried about to get Ransom, get him undressed, and saddled. I got changed, got my chaps & helmet on, and offs we went.

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