Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2/1/10 Horse Master Day #1 The Arrival

Safe in our turnouts & hotel room (turnout for the pony, hotel for the humans), we’re resting before the 7pm cast & crew meeting.

We left home successfully just a few minutes before 11:00 with everything packed. Traffic was only chaotic crazy in one spot of Houston. It was a nice “hiney puckering hold your breath ohmygosh I donwannadietoday” kind of moments. Otherwise, it was a smooth 3.65hour trip here, with two stops. One for bathroom, one a decent lunch break.

I was greeted at the combination gate, and led straight in. Of course, I had coggins in hand, all my things together, ready for whatever they’d ask. The girl who helped us in, Jennifer (also), was super friendly. She led Ransom to his turnout (! Exactly what I’d asked for !), and gave him some hay (!). He walked around a bit, met the two mares that border his fence line, and then dove into the hay. He’s got about a third of an acre in his little turnout. It’s at the bottom of a quaint little hillside.

We unloaded all of my things (well, everything I could think of needing at that moment) into the tack room area assigned to us. Very nice. I’ve got the saddles on the racks, bridles hung neatly, pads, and blankets, and grooming stuff, all in one spot, and right outside the door are some sweet crossties. Everything will be super easy here for getting ready and un-ready.

After disconnecting & parking the trailer, R and I walked around a while. I wanted to put my feets in the arenas, indoor and out. I will be much more comforted having polo wraps on all four legs, especially indoors.

From the barn, we came to our hotel room, and unpacked clothes, snacks, and anything else that needed organizing. Now, it’s about two hours to kill before wandering back to the barn. No, now that I think about it, about an hour before we split. I need to put Ransom’s heavier blanket turnout back on, find out what’s up for his supper & breakfast, and make sure we’re there for start. I don’t need to be late to *anything*.

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