Thursday, February 18, 2010

2/18/10 Bad Ride Films

I've seen plenty of bloggers critque radomnly pulled video off the internet. I won't link them, because I'm not that interested in everyone commenting on "how terrible that video was" or "how painful it was to watch such horrid riding." But here's my thoughts...

How good does a beginner rider have to be to not get called "painful to watch"? I've seen some pro jumpers that give me nightmares, yanking on pony faces, toes down, laying on critter's neck. But, they're "professionals" and they win money, so nobody calls it bad. Sure, there's plenty to say about some horrid dressage training, but I'm focused on hunters & jumpers here.

Is it an "upload it at your own risk" world we live in? If I have video taken of me jumping x's this weekend, load them on the blog, and at times I sit back too quick and hit his mouth on pure accident, or if my toes point down or my leg swings back, or I over-ride the fence, will I get comments like that, too? Will somebody take my video, post it on their blog, and encourage a host of comments on "what a horrible ride this was."

Things that cross my mind.... Feel free to comment. I'll watch your responses before I catch or post any jumping video.


Yankecwgrl said...


There are some REALLY bad rides out there....there are some REALLY GREAT rides out there...

BUT, who's to say where a rider is in their riding ability at any given video? Do you know that person, do you know that the video you are bashing was only their 4th ride on their new horse? Or that was their 2nd jumping lesson?

Now, is someone is saying how GREAT something is and you want to offer something CONSTRUCTIVE to get the looking at things in a different way, BE NICE.
Or, better yet, keep your comments to yourself!

SolitaireMare said...

When you put it out there for all to see, you must be prepared for all to comment.

Anyone who knows anything about horses will know the difference between a rider's first jumping lessons and some fool taking a risk and boasting about it afterward. Filming your child's, adult's or horses' early jumping endeavors with the right instruction and safety precautions in place should get you reviews of encouragement. Horsemen with experience understand watching a beginner as they fumble over a small cross rail that we all have to start somewhere.

The tone changes when you see riders taking foolish risks that could get themselves or their mounts seriously injured and bragging about it like they are some kind of warrior sportsman. Those are the videos that irk good riders and invite the snarky comments.

Of course, there are also some trolls out there who can find any way to gain attention by knowing just what to say to bring on the flame war but we learn to see them and ignore them.

Yankecwgrl said...

Just because you are posting on a site does NOT mean you are posting for all to see.

If you BLOG you may be posting for friends and family, if you youtube it may be to share with the same type of family member or friend because you DON'T blog.
Just because in this day and age we are more techo-savy than those of the past doesn't give ANYONE the right to BASH anyone else.

If you DON'T like the way someone rides, don't watch. IF you think someone is doing something harmful to their horse, point out "hay you sure that isn't a bit dangerous" and move on. Again, if your comment is constructive, so be it. BUT Don't take out your bad day/week/life out on someone else. Don't BASH someone else to make yourself feel big and important. That's the stuff I have a problem with.

SunnySD said...

I'm as guilty as the next person of posting videos with glaring errors. So far people have been kind. No matter what you post it's open to comment - but I tend to think posting for a rather limited public on my blog as being a tad safer than posting for all to see on YouTube.

Too, I think some of the stupid/dangerous stuff gets posted because it's stupid & dangerous (and somebody thinks it looks really cool). Context says a lot. If you put up a video bragging about how wonderfully you ride, better be prepared for scathing comments if you don't. But if you put something up with a few minor bobbles and admit same and/or ask for constructive criticism, the response is probably going to be much kinder. At least I hope so!

And I'd love to see those crossrails :)

jill said...

There are probably a lot of ugly moments that no one filmed about each of us. Thank goodness.
Riding takes practice and learning takes mistakes.
I agree with you, I see pics of pro dressage and jump riders with their horses noses cranked shut, horses strung out, riders ducking over fences, and these are on magazine covers! Drives me bonkers, cus people see those and think it's ok or correct.
There are films out there that are just dangerous and or stupid. Those folks definitely open them selves up to comments.

Anonymous said...
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Jennifer said...

Okay, but...

Before you comment snarky on ANYONE's Ride....

What would you say if it were your daughter? Or your beginner novice mom? Worse yet, your grand daughter? Would you want anyone teasing someone you love?

I'd hate to see what'd happen if I put up a video and said "I felt really awesome this day!", and got rude remarks.

How many of you that aren't bashful with the snarky remarks take the time to read the rider's background? For me, ANYTHING jumping is HUGE PROGRESS! I was terrified to CANTER 18 months ago. TERRIFIED! I'd swallow hard, grab the horn, and pray I didn't die. Today, even a bad release is progress... And I'm "not a little kid".

I'll leave this fade to an older page, but know I'm not letting it go 100%.