Thursday, February 25, 2010

2/24/10 Mood Change

It's been a week. I'm back to riding tonight, to stay tuned tomorrow for the resumption of pony-related updates. For now, however, I've got some pictures sent my way, and an award to accept & pass along.

From Jen - Early in the week, she sent me this.

See, I've had an "issue" with an individual from church for, oh, a little over a year now. This particular person has taken a habit to giving me an abrupt cold-shoulder, intentional or not. It became obvious it was intentional just this last weekend. Realizing that I'm growing up, I'm maturing, and I don't need to even one stinking time put up with that kinda garbaaage, I let the person know about it. What followed was one particularly apologetic "oops I got caught being a big mouth with no action" email. And what followed that? Me laughing my tailfeathers off... So anyways, there's my "Go Me" picture. And, no, nobody wee-wee'd in my cheerios, I've just decided to stop addin' sugar to them. tphtpht!

This morning she tagged me with this.

And it's good that she did. I'm needing it this morning, pretty bad. Ain't nothign seriously wrong, so ya'll reading can breathe. It's just been, um, three weeks of emotion crammed into about three days. I'm pooped out exhausted. Can't hold much more of my own stress without an overburst.

I'll keep everybody's confidentiality here, but I'm gonna list a few initials. If you are of the praying sort, they've each got their own "junk in the trunk" right now, and would sure appreciate any thoughts & prayers you can send.

B, H, K, and T. Some are for them specifically, some for situations they're in, some for situations around them. Yup, that's vague. But that's how I'd want someone mentioning it about me, so I do the same.

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