Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2/22/2010 We Fly!

When I got 3/4 of the way to the house, R called. He offered to come over and Babysit some jumping efforts. In fact, I changed my ride plan as soon as he suggested it. I'm not comfortable jumping alone, and I don't really like doing it. It's too far down.

Ran outside, grabbed Ransom. Got all four legs polo'd, saddled, and headed to the arena. Free lunge warmup took about 5 minutes. Required much motivation, so I kept it at trot, knowing I needed "gas in the tank" for the jumps.

I hopped on, rode very little trot before moving on to canter in two point. I focused on getting that deep down breathing in the canter. Got good long strides in down the long sides. Both directions, nice & soft, mobiled into some circles. Actulaly had trot to canter trans in two point, which was new and easy. One time I squeezed him up to canter, I barely noticed a body change, and muttered to him, "I didn't think you'd ever let me do that! Awesome!"

Trotted through four trot ground poles both ways, three to four times each way. He was super light & steady. A little jittery after the poles, but easy enough to get back.

I hopped down to turn the trot poles into a second Xrail when R arrived. I got the X set up like I wanted, and hopped back on.

Rode a tiny bit more canter in two point so R could check my position, look for a rounded back or smooshed shoulders, and came back to trot. I rode the Xs individually. Each way, I just jumped the X heading towards the barn. They're closer to that end of the arena, so there's a little more speed limitation for Ransom if I lose a stirrup or get distracted.

I jumped the Low Xs probably five times each way, then jumped down again, and raised the right-heading X a hole. That made the middle about 20" up. R insisted Ransom's over jumping the lower X, and I'll hardly notice the difference. As we approached, I tensed up pretty bad, and tucked my toes down, and lost both stirrups on the landing. Both Ransom and I jumped, only he looked better than I did. My release is still good, I'm staying up in two point, but I need to focus on heels deep down.

Lowered the X to the lowest hole on the standards, and made it into a vertical. Same height, basically, about 21-22" to the top of the rail. Still heading right. Rode trot past it a good four or five times, afraid to jump it. Finally admitted in my head I sure won't have the courage to do it home alone, and it'll be days or more before I'll have a dry enough arena, and eyes to watch.

Up & over. Again, release was good, canter from was steady and soft, but I had toes down. Lost outside stirrup, inside went back to my heel. Dangit. Needs working on. I also have apparently stretched my stirrups in all this two point work, because the landing for me was less than pleasant. Um, yeah. OUCH. Won't be doing that again any time soon. Next time I jump I need to raise my stirrups again.

With that little crash landing that was in no way Ransom's fault, I walked him out. Total ride time, about an hour total. The canter in two point is gentle & easy, and the jumping is getting so much better.

Next courage point? Canter to the fence. I need to Just Do It! Who's gonna cheer me on? Can't ride a hunt eq class at trot, now can I? =)


Jessie said...

So nice that R came over to keep an eye on you! Sounds like you had a pretty good ride. At least you've got a goal to work towards! Good luck getting the courage up to canter to the fence.

Jennifer said...

And me, ma'am.. I'm just glad to see you're back!

You were one of my early cheerleaders, and I've missed you!!

Stephanie said...

OK, Ok so I am a couple days late and just catching up onmy blogging.
I will cheer you on, you CAN do it.
and I promise once you get it done and get real comfortable at the canter you will not want to go back to trotting over the jumps.

SO nice for you to have such a great R to come and keep an eye on you :) always make you braver with someone else you trust close by!