Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2/2/1- HorseMaster - Ransom's Diet

Ransom had eaten most of Monday night’s supper, and barely any of Tuesday’s breakfast. I called Jen, called the vet, and scoured some feed stores for a few tubes of Probiotics. I stuffed ¾ of a tube in Ransom, and gave him plain old grain (& SmartPak) for supper. He did a good job. When we put him back in a different stall (by a few more horses), he was eating like a champ. I was super happy to see him eating.

Wednesday is a busy day. Taping taping taping! I’m on! And judging by the few I’ve talked to, there’s plenty looking forward to watching me jump.

It’s almost surreal. I’m going to be jumping, on camera, with a super awesome clinician and trainer. And I’m going to have an audience watching me, of folks that can’t wait to watch me jump. Nifty neat!

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