Monday, February 15, 2010

2/13/10 The Bunny Hole

R and I mended arena fence in the morning. I had plans to have lunch & a movie with Jen, and so we got the fence line patched up & knotted together. R sent me on my way, telling me, "I'm gonna work on the arena drainage in the back side for a little while. It shouldn't take too long."

Four hours later, when I pulled back in the driveway, he was finishing up. Whoops! We walked back to the arena to look at the progress.

What was over ankle-deep water was a small lane of water puddle, and an otherwise line of mini trenches dug across the back of the pasture. All of the lanes led to one hole. We can only assume it was a rabbit hutch. R stepped on a spot of ground, obviously water-logged, and it squished when he stepped on it. "That's probably where they were sleeping."

I hope the bunnies found a way out. If they didn't, Rest In Peace, bunnies. Rest in Peace.

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