Monday, February 22, 2010

2/21 Set Them Up in Series

I warmed Ransom up with a nice steady two point trot. We settled into that "deep tummy breathing", and I laughed that, as I released the reins, he reached down deep looking for the contact. *giggle* If only he'd do that in the dressage seat.. ah.. we'll get there.

Then I got him up at a canter, and settled back into two point. It feels , um , faster. I don't feel like I'm losing control, I feel like he's really flying. I can feel that "hang time" when all four hooves are off the ground. I rested my knuckles on his neck, and felt sort of like a race jockey, with my arms flexing with his stride. It got easier the longer we went, but it's something that will need more work.

I had already set up trot poles down one long side, X on the other. I set ground rail on both sides of the X, so we could approach from either direction without me having to dismount & set it back up.

Ransom got the pattern pretty quick. I got good at landing the last trot pole, looking at the X, and he was trying to get me there pretty quick. As a result, I had to focus down the long side, stare at a fence post, go through the trot poles, and when we were a few strides away, THEN glance over at the X. All it took was a glance, too, and we were aiming at it.

His hops Sunday were prettier than Saturday. It felt like he was pausing rather than launching. Maybe it's just getting more familiar, but I felt a little more in control in the take-off and landing. Even after the X, I could look down at the trot poles, and he'd get us there. That's a neat feature in a trained horse - just LOOK where you want to be next, and he gets you there.

I rode for about an hour total. Worked A LOT on two point at canter after about ten minutes on the poles & X. It's going to take a while, but I figure I found the "breathing balance sweet spot" in the trot, so I will find it at canter.

In leiu of video , if anyone has suggestions or ideas on things to set up that are "low & slow", to give me practice on balance & equitation, I'm all ears. Better yet, get some video & show me!

Tonight is either Romeo western work (Sunday I rode him bareback in the yard, walk/trot, focused on neck reining & whoa. Backed him in circles, and once he got it, he was fabulous at it), or Ransom dressage. I need a little "mental break" from the hunter focus. It sure is fun, but there's plenty of muscle development and balance to be learned in dressage as well.


Yankecwgrl said...

YAY! Awesome! Good job!!


x 3/4 of way down rail (to end) to ground polls around "end" to x 3/4 way down other side.....



Make sense?? If not I draw you better picture and send!

Cavaletti low, one high, one low, one high..... when you canter them comfy all high makes like a bounce jump - mucho good for working on tempo/rythm

Yankecwgrl said...
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Yankecwgrl said...

nope...didn't work
I draw u pic and send u....