Friday, February 19, 2010

2/16 & 17 Down the Road

Tuesday, we rode dressage, away from the house, at the walk. I got him three drive ways up, and walked him home.

Ransom didn't think he was done, so I hand walked him to the mailbox. I anticipated him spooking at the neighbor's goats and traffic and tractors. He glanced at the goats, didn't even hesitate at traffic, and gave the tractor a hard glare.

Wednesday, I saddled him up western, and after some solid canter (that felt like a gallop) goofing off in the arena, we walked down the road away a little bit farther, almost four driveways.

Ransom LOVES those trail walks. If I could get a walk that big & forward in the show ring, oh my gosh the points he'd rack up.. My goodness it's a flowy big stride walk. Head's down & relaxed, and ears are wigglin' every which way. Pretty neat, in fact.

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