Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HorseMaster - The Reflections

Did I learn anything? Oh Yes! I have a newfound appreciation for hunt seat. I've found muscles I forgot I had and I know how to use them. I can sit in a half seat and two point and my back doesn't cramp anymore. I know what the crest release is now - I didn't have a clue before.

Best of all? Watching Julie Thursday morning on Ransom. Seriously. It was sooo awesome! He was stubborn & beligerent, and she got him minding her in a pretty magical way.

Worst? The time rush. I felt pushed to "hurry & get out of the way" some of the time. In some cases, it made sense. In others, not so much.

Would I do it again? Probably. But I'd pick an easy topic to "fix". Maybe now I'm thinking jumping was too big a feat to tackle in 24 hours. I am not real sure just yet ...

So it was an awesome experience, I got to meet some great people (who are following us now on Facebook, and I hope you are all finding the blog of details). I got to spend a week with two of my three "R"s, and I even got to spend some time riding with my sweetheart.

oops! That's right! I didn't tell ya'lls yet... R and I were invited to trail ride after we got done shooting & packing on Thursday! I'll blab about it tomorrow


GunDiva said...

I'm glad you had a good time and learned something, too. I'm jealous of the trail ride, though. I'm sure that was a lot of fun.

Jennifer said...


Stephanie said...

What a great experience you had!! Thanks for the great folow-up blogs, I love how you detail it all.

Debbie G said...

Hi Jen! Awesome blog. Very well thought out and expressed. I can't believe how much it sounds like what I experienced! Yes, best of all, watching a professional in person and meeting all the cast and crew! I too would probably consider doing it again. I have thought A LOT about was it a realistic expectation for me in the alotted time frame. I'm tempted to say no but you know what - I needed to have the bar raised and the correct information to continue my learning. Am I disappointed that I didn't perform better and get the ideal, dream trip I had been envisioning? You bet. But I am happy that I did somewhat successfully accomplish my very first horse trip away from home, pulling the trailer all by myself, spending time with my neice and Sunshine, meeting great people like yourself, learning and adding to valuable life experiences!

Jennifer said...

First trip away from home? Pulling the trailer alone? Seriously?!

You Rock, Miss Debbie! I'm proud of you! I really am!!!

Thanks Stephanie... my rides feel so itsie bitsie compared to you out jumping on Fawkes. It's slow-go, but we're catching up.