Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Award Giggle Day!

Mrs. Mom is at it again. ShaZam? KaPow? How about WhooPee?! Yeah, that'll do it. WhooPee...

It's taking the award & handing it back out time! Thanks Momma & the Mens! You already know I love you to bits & pieces, but I might as well tell the resta the world. okay okay I know, mush aside, I'll go behave myself now ...

Let me go back & read.. ah yes.. I'm supposed to do something with this. Tell you Seven Things about me, and find FIFTEEN others?! Yeah, ya'lls N-V-T-S Nuts! Ain't happening.. I'll settle for a small handful, how 'bout that?

Seven Things.

1. I ride horses

2. I'm a chemist

3. I live in Texas

4. I'm a Christian, and I try awful hard and don't always get it right

5. I like to blog to keep up with my rides, so later I can laugh at the old information, and cheer myself up when I think I'm not making any progress

6. I bite my nails when I'm stressed

7. I eat on a pretty strict diet because I'm hypoglycemic (translated - can't have lots of sugar, must have balanced proteins & carbs at each meal)

Yeah, I know. Not all of those are things ya didn't know. I'm not super keen on doing a "tell-all". However, let's give me a little "pat on the head" - I didn't tell a mystery testicle story like Mom did. LOL

I'm going to release this as it goes, to make a laugh here or there... And I'll edit it to add my tags.

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