Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2/3/10 Processing

R and I cooled Ransom down, undressed him, fed him supper, wrapped his legs, and called it a night. Poultice was a bad idea, because that needs hosed off, and neither of us wanted to spray cold water on his legs Thursday morning. Pillows & leg wraps did the deal.

We spent dinner talking, discussing, processing, and thinking. It was a surprise to him, as well. Julie told me to "tuck my toosh", which isn't what I've been hearing for some time from numerous other people. I practiced the positions standing a little, and they started to make sense. I talked to Jen for a while, who had a few more follow-up questions for me to ask, and agreed that the positions sounded strange over the phone, but gave me some ideas for the assistant trainer Heather the next morning.

To say I slept well Wednesday night, well, is an understatement. I was dreaming of jumps and positions in my head, but I certainly was asleep doing it.

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