Monday, December 1, 2008

11/24 - 11/26

I rode both horses Monday and Tuesday. Romeo walk, trot, canter in the pasture Monday, trail ride Tuesday. Chewie walk, trot, canter in the round pen. All in Western tack, all through a variety of paces. Average work 45 minutes to an hour. The rides were good overall.

Romeo supported me in some fear on Tuesday's trail ride. There was some bad communication between the other trail rider and myself, and I ended up in some places I didn't feel were safe. Romeo stepped in a deep, small, missing covered city-hole as we walked through town. It didn't appear to do any damage to his leg, but scared the daylights out of me. I did get some canter in an open old ballfield. He was a great horse, despite his timid rider.

Tuesday evening, I delivered Romeo to Cowboy Les's house, for four-shoes to be set on Wednesday.

Wednesday, I tacked up Chewie, and repeated the work of the days previous. He was stiff and a bit uncooperative, just about refusing to neck rein figure8s at the trot. I was annoyed, and allowed him to stumble all he wanted to due to laziness. I figured if he wanted to be lazy, he would stumble, and it would be his fault, not mine. He finally complied, but it took over an hour to get his attention.

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