Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Things that Make me Giggle

I enjoy watching comedy on TV. When there's a decent comic on Comedy Central, I'll stop and watch. I might smile, chuckle softly, but that'd be about it.

There is one comic that makes me laugh out loud, hit pause, rewind, watch it again, and laugh some more.

Jeff Dunham

If you haven't see him, check out the video clips on his website. This guy is a RIOT! I laugh watching re-run re-runs. I can record it, and watch it three consecutive times, hear something new each time, and laugh flat out loud every time.

Check it out!


Mrs Mom said...

"What the F*@& is POLIOSIS?" will have my husband and I literally laughing so hard that we fall to the floor from the couch.

Jeff Dunham... and his crew- ROCK. LOVE. Them!

Jennifer said...

:) Poliosis! :)

This is the part where Jeff makes stuff up so Guitar-Guy will laugh!!!