Tuesday, December 2, 2008

11/30/08 Trail Obstacles

Tacked up Romeo, and we worked all at the walk, over the bridge, forward and back through an L-shaped pattern, in and out of some old white buckets (pretending to be orange cones). He did pretty good. His back-up out of the L got over-done towards the end, and he would overswing his hind end around too far... Things to work on.

Someone in the neighborhood was practice shooting a shotgun, and when I took Romeo to the pasture to work on canter, the gunfire increased. I felt him tense up, ears headed every direction, head up in the sky. So we worked on staying calm, and plenty of walking around, all the while waiting on him to relax. I yapped on the phone with my mom during most of the ride. Romeo took it all in stride, and began to relax.

A good hour's work, though nothing above the walk. "Mind work", as Susan calls it.

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