Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In The Weather

My winter isn't hardly a cold season like it is many other places in the country. It's my own little weather, filled with hot, humid days where the skies suddenly grow eerily still. Then, all of a sudden, the wind bursts in from the north, gusting sometimes to 35mph, tree leaves & limbs thrashing in the air. Temperatures will drop sometimes 20F degrees in ten minutes.

That was what I started my ride with last night. Just as I started to saddle Rome, the Schwan man came to my driveway. I hurried up & ordered the few things I needed, then got back to getting ready. As I tightened my girth, the wind howled, with that screechie noise through the trees. I mounted up anyways, figuring we would have quite the ride.

Romeo must have seen and been ridden through some tough times in his life already. He didn't flinch at the harsh winds, didn't blow by any tree leaves flying in the sky. He just cantered along. Refused to start on the right lead headed right, but did his own little flying change in a tight circle. We had a pretty strong conversation about turns on the forehand at the end of our work, but he finally realized that being hard-headed wasn't going to get me off.

I dismounted after 45 minutes of work, in the dark, under the north winds & moonlight.

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