Monday, December 1, 2008

11/28/08 Lesson #2

Susan was as giddy happy to see us for the second as she was for the first. It's funny - she must often give lessons to little kids. She trains students like Ken McNabb does horses - wild rewards for the slightest try. It just about makes me laugh inside when I hear, "You did such a good job! That was fabulous!", and it's in this slap-happy tone of voice. I find myself mid-lesson wanting to sing aloud, "I'm a Little TeaPot, short and stout... Here is my handle, here is my spout!"

I was silly proud of myself when I entered the square pen and got to show off what I'd learned.
Things I did well
+legs were forward
+halts were better
+hand was up and I lifted up on the bit better

Things I need to work on
-"Help" less. Rather than pester & nag and help Romeo on every stride, I need to ask him to do it, then leave him to do it.
- keeping legs forward

Next lesson is scheduled for December 12th. She explained we are ready to work out of the little pen, and will begin working on trail obstacles.

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