Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chewie's New Life

I started with him, and I learned a whole lot. When I got Chewie, he didn't know the first thing about turning on leg contact, he wouldn't give to a gentle bit, and absolutely ignored the word "whoa". We came a long way. No matter how much courage I'd muster up, no matter how much training he had, I still would get terrified in my heart everytime I'd canter him. It didn't matter how small the space, my heart would race, and my whole body would tense up. I couldn't control it. I tried trainers, clinics, reading books, taking lessons, different farriers, chiropractic work, accupuncture, supplements, lunging, ground driving, and days just walking around on him bareback. But the thought of a canter on his back scared me to death.

I thought it was the fear of canter. Then Romeo (& others) taught me it wasn't me - it was me with Chewie. We weren't the pefect match, and he needed to be put to use.

Saturday, I took him to Blue Ribbon Meadows in Katy, TX. There, a beautiful young lady hopped on him (hunter saddle, french link eggbutt bit, no helmet, blue jeans & boots), and I got scared thinking about what he might do. He was a saint. I watched (aboard another horse) at a distance, my heart pounding. "Don't do anything stupid, Chewie. The barn owner likes you, please don't be stupid." And he wasn't. They looked magical. She was a rider with a solid seat & light hands. Chewie gave to her, showed he was out of shape, but responded to all of her requests. He had a gorgeous flowing big stride, and good control.

Farewell , my friend. My eyes well up thinking that you're gone. Romeo and Ransom will take your place. Romeo will become my confidant - the shoulder I cry on when work and life sucks. Romeo will be that horse I slip cookies to "just because I can." Ransom will become my hunter mount, and we will jump together.
Farewell, my friend... I will be back to see you again someday... maybe even take you for a stroll.. But not until I find my balance, my seat, and my confidence..

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