Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Cheer?

I'm in Pennsylvania again, freezing my breeches off. There isn't enough clothes in my whole closet to warm me in single digit temperatures. This is NUTS! Anyways, I'm here visting family, missing the kids.

News is the boys are doing good. Romeo and Ransom have been pasturing together, and rumor is Romeo is "Big Dude" in the herd. What a riot! Little pony Romeo bossing around masive hunter Ransom. I can only imagine the thumping Ransom's getting. Just hope they stay safe while they do it.

Yesterday I ordered Ransom a bit (slow twist full cheek) and saddle pad (Medallion wither lift fleece). I thought seriously about putting him in a soft bit like I have, but then realized it'd be easier to train me than the horse. As long as I'm on easy contact, that bit won't be so severe. I have a show photo of him going in a 3-ring elevator, which I have no clue how to ride with. Time to reprove my "soft hands" Susan keeps talking to me about.

Miss the boys... Miss the warm(er) weather. It's good to be with family, but each year I feel my "family" is in Texas...

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