Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back in Texas

I arrived in Houston around 11:30pm Friday night. Safe, but exhausted. Parked my little bottom at a LaQuinta Inn south of the city, for the night, a little before 1am. There was no way in this life I was going to drive the extra few hours to the house, not without fear of a huge "fall asleep at the wheel" accident. The hotel was one I'd been at before, and I was a bit disappointed in the evening check-in attendant. Her attitude suggested I had ruined her peaceful night, and I wasn't in the mood to play. I've commented as such to the hotel manager and in a random survey. Hoping there will be resolution in the future with a better attitude when I arrive.

Arrived at home Saturday morning well-rested. Les came over, we fixed some fence wire that was grounded. Happy to have hot fence, we went to the vet to pick up the little furries. All were glad to see their Momma, well fed, well loved, and tired. Brought them home, a little play time, then off to their puppy crates so Momma could go get the ponies.

Both boys were pretty darn happy to see me. Pretty darn. Ransom nickered his way to the gate, Romeo quick behind him. I got my scratches & nuzzles in, then caught Ransom for a ride.

Rode english in Les' round pen, with a cold front full of thunder & lightening off in the distance headed our way. Got in about 40 minutes of solid walk & trot. I was considering canter when the lightening got closer, and called it a ride.

Things I learned -
*Ransom likes leg - off! He will adjust to my stride on seat alone. Ask for gait, then leave him alone. Don't nag... no reason to. Any added leg pressure in any particular gait means "gimmee more".
*Stop cue still isn't clear in my mind. I feel like I ask, then 6-8 strides later, I get the change.

Weather broke yuckie cold before Romeo got his ride. He was clearly pouting, and angry with me, too.

Got both boys loaded (along with their menagerie of junk), and settled back at home.

A long busy day, but I settled to sleep in a bed full of housepets, with horses in the pasture less than 100ft from my bedroom window.

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