Monday, December 8, 2008

12/5/08 Not Ready for Nights

Plain and simple, I saw all the lights, all the commotion, sirens going, we were assigned the front of the parade, lineup was crazy, the additional horses in the parade (those that were not participants in the other parade I was in), I froze. The fear eventually got to Romeo, and he refused to stand still. I chose to let someone else ride him, and they were fine. Watching the parade, there were quite a few riders drinking, well-intoxicated, and horses all doing their own thing. Sugar was even tense, side-stepping most of the route. There was a horse-drawn buggy in front of them, and a band of wild motorcycles behind. I've made great progress, I'm not nearly as scared as I used to be, but I'm not ready for that much chaos at night.

No pictures, either. Romeo did look pretty darn cute, but nobody was around to take pictures, and I didn't take my camera.

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SunnySD said...

I was brave (or stupid?) enough to do the Parade of Lights here just once. It was the inaugural year, the week of Thanksgiving. 6:30 in the evening, pitch black but for the lights, and it was 7' above zero. We were FROZEN. Poor Dodge was peeing every 30 seconds he was so nervous. We did loops in the parking lot waiting the half hour for the parade to start. The only thing that really freaked him out were the cymbals in the marching band. Thankfully, we were nowhere near those! It was ultimately fun, but I think it took me two days to thaw out completely.