Friday, December 5, 2008

12/4/08 Romeo More

Chewie seems to be doing better on the left hind ankle. At least while he was galloping around his pasture, making sure I knew he wasn't happy I was riding Romeo. I will check him sometime this weekend (in whatever small portions of free time I have).

I knew daylight was limited, so I got right after loping around on Romeo. A great ride, with good response & relaxed manner from him. Chewie would act up each time we got near their adjoining fenceline, Romeo looked over his way a couple times, but no reaction. Some neighbor kids were walking behind my pasture, and a few cars went to the neighbor's house, but he still didn't do more than look. He does that "hard looking" a lot. Susan said it's because he was a stallion for a while. Having the stud-horse behavior, he would have been looking around a lot for a "ready mare". That, combined with his personality, makes him very "lookie" and alert to things around him, but not reactive. Susan said "When he wants to look, let him. Don't force him to quit looking. He'll let you know when he's seen enough of whatever he is looking at."

We finished up our ride through the trail obstacles, and a bareback walk to the barn. About 40 minutes total before the sun set, and the colder temperatures settled in.

Christmas parade tonight. I hope I get more awesome pictures... We're both going to be festively prepared for the event. :) I'm going to pretend to be an elf on a reindeer... we'll see how good that goes.

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SunnySD said...

Ooh - pictures, please! Sounds like both your boys are on the right track. All the roping, and the lessons... sounds like lots of fun :)