Tuesday, December 2, 2008

11/28/08 Roping Hand

After my lesson, I scrambled home, tended the smaller family members, and hauled Romeo to the roping arena. Plans were to track cows, and Les and I intended the trip to be very low-key.

Then Les called R, told him we would be there. R called Mr D and M, and next thing we know, we're wrapping the steers for roping practice. The full intention of the trip was for us to goof off, Les wanted to steer-stop on Sugar, work on her rate, and let me goof off on Romeo. None of that happened.

I worked the chute a while, watching Romeo stand tied, as bored as I was. I got to ride a bit more, and tried to push the steers back to the chute by myself. That didn't go so good. They ended up getting away from me, and it took a lot longer than it might've if I would have had help. I was a bit annoyed - it was supposed to be a fun day, that turned into a roping day, and turned into me being a "non hired hand". R and Mr D didn't even express any appreciation for the work I did helping them. R offered up his fifteen cents on all things Romeo. My saddle didn't fit right, I wasn't wearing spurs, and I need to learn to throw a rope. Saddle fit is fine, thank you. I don't need spurs, and don't intend on having them on, also, thank you. And I don't really want to be a roper, so bugger off.

A frustrating evening, since the plans we had didn't pan out. I suppose I'm "earning my stripes" with the ropers, having to learn how to do all the workings and goings on. Unfortunately, that would be great if I wanted to be a roper... I just want to ride.

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