Monday, December 15, 2008

12/11/08 Look! There's Something There!!

*laugh* Romeo's got this cute way of getting my attention, and it's all ears.

We were loping around my pasture. I was riding him amongst the weather, wind, and sunset. It was getting cooler every minute we rode, but I wanted to get the ride in pending Friday's lesson. As we were loping, in one spot, he kept looking outside my pasture, towards some tall grass & trees. I knew the stray momma cat had been in the grass, so I figured she was hunting something.

Before that same spot, after about the fifth time passed, I let him halt, and look. Just then, four deer, one after the other, wandered out from the trees, crossed under my fence, and wiggled across the pasture. :) Romeo was saying , "Momma! There's deers over there! I can smell 'em & hear 'em! Momma! I don't want them deers spookin' you, so I'm trying to warn ya!" Good boy, Romeo, good boy.

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