Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12/28 Ransom Spooks

I saddled Ransom, intending on a solid ride. However, we were greeted by deer running across the pasture, and 4-wheelers on the neighbor's property. These were both things Ransom wasn't expecting. When the deer came in, he slammed on the brakes, turned & faced them, ears up. I let him stand & watch. Then, just as quick, other side of the pasture, the kids & 4-wheelers were whizzing by. I felt him tense. So I dismounted... I could see his chest shaking. Poor kid got scared, and wasn't sure what to do.

I stayed off until the commotion went away, then remounted. A little more walk & trot work, then called it done. Total work-work was probably only 20 minutes, but total time was nearly 40. He got flat-scared, and since it was our first ride on my property, I sure wasn't going to ruin it for him.

Romeo was of course, more solid. It was his house, his pasture, and his momma. He was obviously pretty happy to have me back, giving at all three gaits. We got in about a 45 minute work-out, full of all kinds of work. I focused on basics, since I wasn't sure how much ride he'd had while I was gone. I think he was happy to have me again as a partner rather than a boss or trainer.

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