Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Update

I'm sitting in Atlanta, with a few thoughts. My 3pm departure from PA was delayed until 525pm. The 6pm departure from Atlanta to Houston is now scheduled to leave Atlanta at 1030pm. The airport bustles with folks running to their gates, others wandering aimlessly. Then there's folks like me, plugged into wall outlets with computers & cell phones, bumming wireless internet access. Here are my gathered thoughts from the past few days...

The horses will see me tomorrow. I don't usually realize how much they ground me, until I'm not around. When someone else gets to feed them, gets to pet on them, gets to sneak them cookies, it's not th esame. I need that routine - with all of my pets. I still wake up insanely early every morning, but with no chores to do. It's awkward, and doesn't suit me. I've gotten into a habit of being a responsible caretaker, and it doesn't fit to not have chores to do.

There isn't much scarier than landing a plane in fog. As we began our descent into Atlanta, the fog increased denser and denser. It was a scary thing - white fuzz blocking the light beams off the airplane wings. The plane made landfall pretty abruptly, wheels slamming into the asphalt. The whole landing was frightening, something I'd rather not do in fog again for quite a while.

Having had luggage delayed in Pittsburgh, and now sitting in Atlanta, I'm reminded - I HATE Delta Airlines! For the years I lived in SC, they were the best deal for cost, and usually convenient for time. But in the past four years, I've only flown with them twice, and both were a disaster. I made my plans too late, and have learned my lesson never to do this again. I will plan months in advance, and I will insist on flying Continental or USAirways. There's no reason this many customers should have this many issues... especially during the holiday rush.

Time with family is good, but again, I'm grounded in my routine, and I like being in control of my own comings and goings. I've grown up enough now that I don't really enjoy having to wait on someone else to tell me "what I'm doing next." Too many other people were making too many decisions for me, and the stress was overwhelming. Sitting in the airport, waiting on someone else to make my decisions, is a bit relaxing. Nothing I say here will be "wrong", and I won't offend anyone so much that they'll delay my flight more. I can look at people here, random strangers, and smile mildly in their direction, and the response won't matter. If they smile back, fine. If they glare at me as if to say "you freak, stop staring at me!", that's okay, too.

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