Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4/13/09 Ransom

Much better ride. I got home from work late, thank goodness Spring has sprung, and the days are longer again. Saddled him up western, no side reins, and off we went.

Ten minute lunge - He was great. I had to push to keep him moving out forward, rather than holding him back as I'd done Sunday. A nice moving trot, easy light canter. Decided that was enough of that, and got ready to ride.

There had been a jump set up in the arena and a few ground poles. Knowing all that stuff was serving as "mental landmarks", keeping me anchored in parts of the arena, I decided to take most of it out. I set up four ground poles at a wide walk distance, and hopped aboard.

We worked on a few leg yields, walked over the ground poles, and did a little bit of a trot. After his lunge, he was moving real nice. Asked for canter-right first this time. One or two circles, and I decided to head down the long side. He broke to trot about three strides into it, so I went around the full arena at trot, and asked for canter in the short side again. A bit more canter-right, and this time, I got about five strides down the long side, transition down to trot was my idea.

Trotted a while left, and picked up canter-left. Quite a bit of canter, as he was breaking to trot (probably off my body language). I was able to sit some more of the canter-left, and also got circles in multiple places in the arena. Cantering around the back side of the arena, I realized again how much of a cooperative babysitter & teacher Ransom is. I started giggling straight out loud, which Ransom must've thought was his break, as he broke to trot a few times. Kept him on going, and slowed to trot when it was my idea instead of his.

Cooled down with some turns on forehand, turns on haunches. Impressive what he can accomplish, if I give the right cues... Fun time over all!

Total work about 50 minutes. A fun time for all. Tonight, headed to a concert, and Romeo's back on the schedule for tomorrow.

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