Tuesday, April 28, 2009

4/23/09 Romeo Rides & Prep

Arrived home & swiftly scooted off to the barn. I grabbed Romeo (apologizing to Ransom), saddled him up western, with his borrowed bit, and headed to the arena.

He was phenominal. Rode great, of course, getting whacked in the face with the trial bit. After our Western disaster Thursday, I wasn't real sure how the day was going to go. He did great, with a nice relaxed neck & head, and a quiet jog.

So I switched to the English saddle, and repeated the same (with the french link bit). Again, really great. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a weather disappointment, as some rainy sprinkles rolled in. Of course, just enough rain to mess up a saddle, a rider, and make the thought of bathing Romeo daunting.

Unsaddled, and the rain started to lighten up. R came over to help out, and held the lead rope. (That makes for fun, by the way - After years of bathing the boys by myself, I kind of forget where the water goes after it hits the horse. So, while the hose didn't spray directly, there was some indirect water (& soap) contact - Sorry about that! *giggle*)

Got Romeo bathed (even some water & soap on his face - good boy!) and tied in his stall for supper. Fed & watered everyone else inside, and cleaned all my tack (again, cleaning bridles, bits, and saddles - goes much more better with four hands instead of two). With everyone fed & clean, the wind from the weather dried Romeo's mane pretty quickly. I got a great band job this time - It took a while, but they were nice and neat (& small). Happy about that! With the banding done, I also snip snip cut it pretty darn short. The weather was supposed to be cool enough, I put his Sleezie jammies on. Sleezie over-jamas, and Sleezie face & neck cover. Got the mane laying all on one side, evenly laying down.

Put the ponies to bed, and even got to sleep early myself. A great evening preparing & getting ready for the show, without feeling scrambling rushed. Having help sure did make it go faster, and, for once, I got to bed night before a horse show before 11pm - fantastic!

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