Thursday, April 9, 2009

4/8/09 Drugging the Pony

Oooh! Best way to get Romeo mad? Stick a needle in his hiney. Best way to get him more-madder? Stick the needle in the other side of his hiney!!!

Went to the vet's office after work, picked up a penicillin shot & sulfa-antibiotics for 5 days' worth. When I arrived at home, I fed both boys, then gave Romeo his shot. Those darn drug needles for horses are thick buggers! He didn't enjoy receiving it, but I didn't enjoy sticking him either.

Five more days of crushed pills, maybe a day or more off after that to recoup, and I ought to have him back 100%. He looked a bit better this morning, not as warm to the touch on his chest.

Keep getting better, Little Pony! Momma needs ya in a couple weeks for show!

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SunnySD said...

Glad he seems to be on the mend.

It's odd how much like people they can be about shots - Sunny couldn't care less, and neither do a couple of the others, and then are the ones that are completely stupid about it. Wormer's the same way. Some, no big - others are consistently a battle.

Personally, giving the shots always makes me shake. I don't mind needles, but I have this horror of triggering a shock reaction. I'm always glad when the annuals are done with! (This weekend, sigh....)