Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Earth Day - Hooray to the Chemical Industry

Well, ladies & gentlemen reading ... While I'm sure there are some organic-earthy-tree-hugging readers out there, I am NOT one of them. Why, you ask? Well, quite simple.. I work for a chemical company! They pay my bills, feed my kids, and sustain my life. I need chemicals, plastics, and all those other "environmentally harmful toxins", and so do you.

Let me take a moment to remind you of a few modern conveniences that would not be possible without "chemicals"-
Clean public drinking water - If you don't have access to a clean well or spring, appreciate the chlorine and/or chloramine (and other chems) that make that water safe out of the tap.
Medicine - Next time you reach for the Tums or the Advil, consider what it might be like without
Transportation - I know we love our horses, but isn't it great to get in that automobile (manufactured with plastics & chemically-reinforced steel, complete with that poison-chemical, gasoline) and get to where you're going in minutes rather than hours?
Prepackaged foods, particularly meats - Ah, the convenience of walking into the grocery store, and purchasing a package of chicken, fish, or pork, safely wrapped in plastic; take it home, and re-pack it in smaller plastic packaging before freezing - e Coli, anyone?
Air conditioning - Maybe my favorite, here in South Texas - Consider for a second what summer would be like in your car, in your workplace, and at home, if you weren't able to rely on chemicals to cool the air that floats through the vents
Household cleaners - figure it out on your own what would happen without: Laundry soap, dish soap, (ew) body soap, deoderant, bleach, even vinegar and baking soda are "chemicals"

I don't mind trying to be environmentally "friendly", recycling & reusing, and minimizing "carbon footprints", but there needs to be a little reason as well. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a clean home, cool air, and clean drinking water. I love getting in my truck for a 40 minute drive to work. I appreciate the medicines available to me, and can't imagine what a migraine would be without drugs.

So, Happy Earth Day - Go find someone that works in the chemical (or pharmaceutical) industry, and tell them "Thank you!"


Mrs Mom said...

OK Jennifer- I'll say my Thank You to YOU! ;)

Hey did you hear about an ad that was posted somewhere (may have been a Craigslist type deal) where the poster scolded hunters? Told them they should "Go to the store and buy the meats made there where no animals are harmed"....

Rolling eyes but LMAO at the same time!

Jennifer said...

You're welcome... Now, go drink water from a plastic bottle... and throw it away when you're done..


GW said...

Better living through chemistry! :)

Jennifer said...

Yes ma'am...