Monday, April 6, 2009

4/3/09 Ransom

Busy with a road trip Friday morning, Ransom was the pony-de-jour in the afternoon. R came along, since I've been blabbering on and on about how much progress I've made in the past week. He brought along his camera, and took still shots and a few video clips (I'll get copies and hope to get good ones uploaded here).

Ransom again was incredible. He must've known he was being watched, because he turned on his big-pony charm, and we were a neat little team again. Walk, trot, canter both directions, with the right canter on video. Neat!!

In another effort that "every ride is a little better", I finished up my canter-set right, went down the long side away from the barn, and he settled into this nice round trot. I sat it! All the way down the long side, headed home. A full long side of a sweet sitting trot. Woo Hoo!!

My boy is shaping up & fitting up to an awesome horse! He's what I hoped for, and quite a bit more.

Total work, about 40 minutes. (Maybe a bit more with warm-up)


Stephanie said...

Sounds like awesome progress! Keep up the great work!!

Jennifer said...

Ya... it's going great! So much better than this time last year...

But different horse, too. That helps.