Saturday, April 25, 2009

4/25/09 Show Summary

Details to follow at some point...

Halter - 6 of 8 "Your horse is cute, and he's trying real hard for you, but his legs are crooked."
Showmanship - 5 of 8

Western Pleasure walk/trot - 1st of 6
Western Pleasure walk/trot showmanship - 4th of 5 or 6

English Hunter walk/trot - 2nd of 5
English Hunter Showmanship - 3rd of 5

Overall -
Reserve Open Walk/Trot Champion

Hmm.. Yeah, Not real sure how I got Reserve, but I'll take it and run, real fast.

I'll get to details on Monday, but since I know ya'll read up on the weekends, a summary was the least I could do. Romeo was outstanding, staying real calm, minding me, rode great! Had fun, and had *grin* great company all day.


Jessie said...

Congratulations!! Thanks for the weekend update, I was hoping you'd let us know how things went.

Sounds like a good start to the show season.

Stephanie said...

Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work!

I agree with Jessie, great start to the show season!

SunnySD said...

Yeah! Good going guys! :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

I owe ya'll better details, and I should be able to get to it this afternoon...