Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4/6/09 Romeo

Played light with Romeo western, preparing for the show, and reinforcing old information. He was pretty good. Walk, trot, canter, all nice. Worked on relaxing for a WP jog, something he's not spectacular at. Spins, turns, and sidepasses were all good - no stickies there.

Had a little discussion with him about "WHOA". I'm pretty pickie about this feature on him. I don't mind "Shh" meaning slow down, or a nice exhale meaning break gait. If I say "Whoa" loud enough he can hear it, that means NOW. Stop the feet, instantly. Not in six feet, not in four strides. Right now! So we would walk a while, I'd say it, and if I didn't get an answer, we'd back up strong. Later, rinse, repeat.

About a half hour's work. He was coughing a bit, and I am hoping it's just the irregular weather. Really don't want my boy being sick ...

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