Monday, April 20, 2009

4/19/09 Yep, I'm Blessed

Mrs. Mom is right - We're all pretty darn fortunate. Me, I'm better than that... Another wonderful Sunday - and I even got to ride!!! Sunday service was another nice blessing - my boss's daughter finished up her two years of confirmation. She, along with the other students, were required to memorize a Bible verse. My boss had asked me a few weeks ago to give him a list of my fave's, which I was glad to do. Boss's daughter, along with two other girls, memorized verses off my list. How incredible - watching young lives recite verses that, right now, might not mean more than a bunch of words. I can only hope that, in the future, those words mean something very important when it matters most. Pretty cool blessing to hear the words aloud, and know I had something to do with planting the thought in their minds.

After a false alarm and two changed minds, after church & a late lunch, I headed to the roping arena with Romeo. R came along, volunteering to work the chute so I could ride. My time with Romeo was phenominal!! He let me work on walk, trot, and even a little collected canter. Got his leads without incident, and gave the *best* jog I've gotten from him in a little over a year. His canter is, of course, nowhere near a WP lope, and I wouldn't expect it to be. That jog, though, was near picture-perfect.

We rode together for a bit over an hour, and pushed the steers up the alleyway twice - again, without incident. None of them got away from me, and I was able to open one of the gates alone near the end. Romeo gave some cute turns on forehand, nice turns on haunches, and a little sidepassing, again, without incident. Now, all those more advanced things aren't picture-perfect, but he sure is trying, and remembering. It's nice that I don't have to re-train every single ride.

I was able to play a part in the faith of a few teenagers (something I never thought I'd do - after my summer in IL with NAMB, I knew I changed lives of more than a dozen "little-little" kids, 10YO and under, but my events with teenagers never went very well), which was awesome. I was blessed with great company sitting in the service - something I had avoided, having been comfortable being alone in worship. It'd taken a few years to get comfortable being alone, and then I got too comfortable that way, because it only took about ten minutes to enjoy sharing it with R sitting beside me. Almost better than those combined, my boyfriend voluntarily worked the chute for the cowboys so I could ride!

Mrs. Mom was looking for galloping good news- That ought to satisfy for the weekend's worth, don't ya think?! Yes ma'am... I'm blessed beyond expectations. I only have those crummy moods once in a while, and they're less frequent that that lately.


Mrs Mom said...

Wow Jennifer, talk about "rising to the challenge"!

Your ride sounds fabulous. Romeo is really coming along, and you two are growing such an awesome partnership. Way to go!!

I truly hope that all the blessings from your wonderful weekend continue on through the week, and well beyond! ;)

Jennifer said...

Thank you oodles... See? Told Ya I'm not always looking for negatives... just sometimes...