Thursday, April 23, 2009

4/22/09 Romeo Out of the Arena

Romeo needed some saddle-time, and I needed us out of the arena, if nothing else to make the ride a bit more interesting. Saddled up Western, TT bit, and off we went.

Down the road, that is. He wasn't "picture perfect" WP jog, but he did walk and trot up and down the edge of the road a while. A few rollbacks, and a couple turns on the forehand. It might not have been the right thing to do just days before the show, but I was getting bored in the arena, on the rail, in the little serpentines, figure8s, and circles.

We met up with the Mommacat from last spring that brought us baby kittens twice under the back porch. Startling, but not spookie. Fun anyways. While riding around the house working on his reining & ability to ride with stuff going on around him (wind, deer, cat, dogs barking, car traffic, a/c unit running off and on, "spookie stuff" around the property), he did really well. Ransom, however, did not. He was obviously annoyed that little brother got two rides two days in a row, hauling-hiney running all-out around the lower side pasture. =) I got a huge kick out of watching him run and run and run, looking at us, like, "HEY! Mom! It's MY turn today!"

oooh.. that reminds me of a song... Okay, honestly, I've had this one lurking in the back of my mind for quite some time now... This is one I need to dig out of the collection for sure and add to the mp3 player...
Rebecca St. James "You Then Me"
It's my turn, it's not your turn
It's my turn, get outta my way
It's my turn, go on complain
I'm comin' through anyway
Don't ask me why I'm like this
But lately I'm wonderin' if
It'll come to pass
That the last shall be first and the first shall be last
Then the voice says...

Here's the way it oughtta be
You then me, then You then me
Well, I pray one day we'll all agree
And take it You then me, then You then me
Life could go You then me, then You then me

It's easy, you wait then go
It's easy, so make your move
It's easy, don't clown around
Could've gone six times by now
But no sir, you gotta be a pain
Or is this your own way of sayin'
We should all cool down
And be more like the man who was born back in Bethlehem town?
I betcha He'd say...


If we could only put You first
Maybe this ugly trend could one day be reversed

It's your turn, it's not my turn
It's your turn - well, let's just say
We'll trade off - first you then me
Then after that, we might agree
Let's try it, it could be good
And what if one day it should
Really come to pass
That the last shall be first and the first shall be last
Betcha we'd say


So the ride was good, and I finished up with some more mane pulling & thinning . Give the big toad a bath, and get him banded Friday night, and we'll be good to go. Tonight I'm having a brief lesson and reminders in my Western saddle. Hoping for no big-goober surprises. Then I'll start assembling my show clothes & getting all the little ducks in a row.


SunnySD said...

Sounds like a change of scenery was just the ticket :) Good luck at the show! Pictures?

Jennifer said...

I hope to have pictures & video. R is attending the event to help out and get some records of the classes.

Based on Thursday night's ride, we'll need all that luck you can push our way..