Wednesday, April 8, 2009

4/7/09 No Lesson

After work, I had all intentions on getting a lesson on Romeo. He had other plans. My boy has a headcold, at least that's how it seems. The coughing has gotten worse, with a gross runny nose. I called the vet, and after talking to him, and seeing Romeo again this morning, I have decided I will be picking up medicine on the way home tonight.

He's sick, that's for sure. How bad, I won't know until I can see if the medicine makes him better or not.

Darn it. Hate seeing the little guy not feeling well.

A larger part of the evening wasn't much better, but it ended on a high note, and was a restful night.

Due to Easter activities, tonight and tomorrow will also be ride-free evenings. Lots going on, and it's all stuff outside of home.


SunnySD said...

Crud! Sending get well soon wishes Romeo's way! Hope the medicine gets him feeling better in short order. Virtual chicken soup all round - or maybe warm bran mash would be more appropriate in this case :)

Jennifer said...

hmm.. that's not a bad idea.

If I had the ingredients... Maybe now's a good time to fetch me another regular SmartPak Bran Mash mix.

Good suggestion!

Stephanie said...

Hope your boy is feeling better soon! Warm bran mash sounds like a great idea. Keep his fluids up!