Monday, April 6, 2009

4/2/09 Lessons

Romeo English. He was a bit slow, but I have a feeling that's my doing. When I rode him Western during the week, I was putting on the brakes at the trot, trying to slow him up to a decent jog. It's not his strong feature, but I don't want to be blowing by everybody in the western classes in the upcoming show. Did a bit of canter, and it got pretty comfortable after a bit. Focused mostly on pushing him up into a decent hunter trot. More work to do there, along with bending at the poll... Ain't sure we'll be there by April 25th, but my focus is going back on him until then.

Ransom Western. =) A fine time to show off my courage gained in the last week. That's exactly what we did. Was it beautiful? Heck no! Did I have fun?! Absa-tively, posa-lutely. I rode him about 35 minutes, and showed our teamwork off, walk, trot, canter. Jen offered some tips for the right trot & canter (Ransom's been leaning in at the shoulder... solution? Inside leg push to outside rein).

A great session.. Nothing spectacular for me, or the boys, but we're improving, and it's neat to have a lesson where there isn't a "dramatic fix". Pretty cool my lesson-of-the-week happened on my own days before....

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