Monday, May 11, 2009

5/10/09 Can't Keep Me from Riding

Hah! I sneer at illness! I snarl at infection! Nasty cough & fever, you think you can keep me out of the saddle?! HAH! Snarl Sneer...

R kept me occupied most of Sunday, but, finally, after a late afternoon nap, I was determined. We arrived to the boys about 7:30pm. Sunset to "useless amount of light" around 8:30pm. That meant a little ride.

Saddled Ransom up dressage, gave him a free run around the arena, which was incident-free, stunning for having nearly a week off. I hopped on, and got down to business quick.

Canter-left. I kept dropping my right stirrup in the up transition - Must concentrate on heels-down, and quit putting outside leg so darn far back for the request. I did get good run of canter in all the way around the arena, which is fantastic. At the back corner of the arena, Ransom stumbled just a niblit. He pulled himself back upright, right back into canter. I dropped both stirrups, grabbed the left back quicker than the right, laughing hard. He's such a babysitter, it just makes me laugh.

In the trot-right, I was able to get him relaxed enough to sit for a few moments. I noticed that this time, his trot was very left-right swinging. Very easy to sit once we got in rhythm with each other. Worth noting, as I hope we'll be able to pick up more of this in future rides.

Countdown to Blue-Ribbon Friday, 5 days. Tonight I ride solo. Tuesday lesson. Wednesday off. Thursday I ride, Friday we leave. OI! I've bumped Ransom up on grain just a hair, and I'm watching weight & energy. He gave out on me right at about a half hour's work. Turned out that wasn't such a tragedy , because it was 8:30pm and darn-near dark at a half hour. Hosed him down, and fed.

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