Monday, May 4, 2009

5/2/09 Grass & Romeo

My riding mower battery decided that, in celebration of the first need of it for the season, to refuse to start. Bah Humbug! Something to put on the "repair me please" list.. grumble grumble

Ended up hand-push-mowing my yard. ARGH! Took a few hours, and my legs were burning afire when I finished up. Exhausting. I haven't hand mowed the whole yard in well over a year, and now I remember why - It takes a long time, and it takes a lot of effort.. yuk

When I got done mowing, I grabbed a quick lunch, looked out in the pasture, and saw Romeo sticking his head out of the stall... "Hey Mom! You in there?" I couldn't resist. Burning legs, tired arms, I changed clothes & headed to the barn.

Saddled him up Western, and used our borrowed bit. First time he threw his head, I let him know what bit I had with a solid tug. Woo! More head tossing. So we backed up, nearly the length of the arena. He settled in nicely after some good canter work, and had great transitions in and out from jog to canter.

About 45 minutes of work - again it felt longer, but we accomplished a lot.

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