Monday, May 18, 2009

5/14/09 Preparations

Saddled Ransom swiftly after work. (Okay, sneakie me, knowing I really needed the extra time, I left work 2 hrs early, got a haircut, then went home to ride.)

Our ride was mediocre. Ransom was awfully lazy, and, not wanting to wear him out for Friday, I took it easy on him. A bit of trot, and a decent amount of canter on the circle, after about 40 minutes, I called him "done". He moved out on easy leg cues, but stumbled some, and seemed to be dragging on the bit a lot. I had a difficult time keeping his mind on me - not that he was lookie lookie, but just not focused.

Gave him a good bath, got him all groomed up, and any last-minute primping I could handle. I cleaned out the trailer, organized my things & my thoughts, and called it a night.

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