Thursday, May 28, 2009

5/28/09 Romeo

It was an evening that, after a long week of work, about the last thing I wanted to do was feel like I was working on a horse. I haven't had to think hard on Romeo for quite a while, so I grabbed him.

Saddled him up Western, but, to avoid any serious arguments, I grabbed his copper french link o-ring, and headed to the arena. He was quite a bit fresh on his free warm-up, with a couple good bucking hops. Booger!! Get it out of yer system now, 'cuz Momma don't need none of that nonsense!

He was a champ. As we say at work, "A-grade, automatic, no issues." Good walk, trot, canter, a little stickie on his spins & rollbacks, but to be expected since I hadn't been practicing in a while. His canter to jog transitions weren't too bad, though we may end up needing spurs for the up transition, because he was a little slow to respond. Transitions down, however, phenominal. He would very quickly slow to that pretty little WP jog.

We played together for about 40 minutes, then chilled hand-grazing on the lawn in the front yard afterwards. Somethin' about hopping on bareback in a halter, and letting him munch. Very relaxing... indeed.

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