Tuesday, May 26, 2009

5/22/09 Went Something Like This ...

R: "Going to ride after work today?"
Me: "Yeah, I suppose for a while."
R: "Ransom or Romeo"
Me: "Romeo. Ransom worked yesterday, and will appreciate the day off."
R: "Call me when you're done."

Romeo was great. We rode western, really just plunking around. Well, it started out that way, then I quickly realized I was riding him at canter like I do Ransom - pushing him up into the bit.

We did plenty of trot to canter transitions. Romeo wasn't interested in easing into them, more a catapult... they got better the more I did. Total ride time about 45 minutes, including push into long & low cool down trot.

R and I hiked out for dinner, and a relaxing evening. Lots of great conversation, catching up after being apart for a few days. Kind of like coming back to normal after a little withdrawal. A very good evening.

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