Monday, May 18, 2009

5/16/09 Romeo's Back to Work

Saddled Romeo up Western, preparing for an interesting ride. He'd had some time off, so I gave him a solid warmup free lunge around the arena. He bucked & farted quite a few times, but calmed down, so I got on.

His first burst of canter, his hiney came up in the air a bit, which I rewarded by making him run run run around the arena a while. Nothing I found fun, but obviously he thought being goofy was the right answer.

We worked on walk, trot, canter, all on a loose rein, in the western bit, for a solid 45 minutes. He was back on track, but certainly not 100% focused on me. The weather was showing signs of change, so I was glad I rode in the morning.

Early evening brought plenty of rain to town, but not so much to my house. Everything was wet, suggesting less than an inch total. That's fine - I was happy not to have puddles crowding my pasture.

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