Monday, May 18, 2009

5/17/09 Romeo Up Again

In blue jeans, I decided at the last minute to hop on Romeo English. I got all of his tack on, including the running martingale, french link bit, and off we went. I gave him another five minute sprinting warmup, and when I knew I had his attention, I got on.

Interesting to translate the rider-things I learned from my last few lessons to Romeo. My canter seat was pretty impressive. Romeo was slow to transition, but after 2-3 ugly strides, we settled into nice sit-canter around the rail. I felt a bit like I was pulling on his mouth to keep his attention, but it still felt pretty good.

We worked on quite a bit of canter before working on collected trot work. His canter is quick, but controllable. The trot was sweet! A decent pace for his little body, and he didn't fight the bit near like he has been.

A good near hour's work total. It was incredible to take the information I learned in my recent lessons and "translate" it into my other horse.

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