Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's Just a Cold

Started feeling a little yuck late last week, with a sore throat that I figured was only allergies, or too many nights with the ceiling fan blasting over my head. Sunday morning I started getting congested, and, again assumed it was another allergy fight.

Monday, yesterday, and today, I'm certain it's a headcold. It's a snarly one, too, with my voice totally gone, a nice cough every now & then, head's a little stuffed, nose is running... mild irregular fever.

But, No, it's not the swine flu. I love how the media made this flu virus sound like the black plague. Now, everyone at work is making H1N1 type A jokes as if I'm going to be so contagious I will kill everyone around me if I remain at work. This virus is simply a weird-named flu, and only the flu. The few fatalities, although very horrible (and I'm sorry for those that have lost loved ones as a result), are usually H1N1typeA combined with something else, usually other long-standing illnesses.

My problem, however, is just a cold. I'll get better.. really...

Being sick means not riding, which sucks, as the weather's been quite cooperative for riding. The boys are waiting patiently, however, as when I'm better, I'll be back at it 100%. I've made great progress recently, and I will pick up where I left off just as soon as I can.


SunnySD said...

Aw, yuck! Glad it's just a cold, but lots of virtual chicken soup for you. Not sure what's worse - a cold in the winter when everything's gloomy, or one in the spring when it's too nice not to be outside, but you're too miserable to enjoy it.

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Jennifer said...

Spring, for sure.. too miserable to enjoy it.. Besides that, I'm pretty sure if I went out against better judgement & rode anyways, that's all the longer it'd take to get better.


Callie said...

Glad yours is just a cold, however, I do caution about this virus as viruses mutate. A good virus doesn't totally kill it's host, but this mutated quickly as to pass from human to human, which makes it a bit scarier. As someone who has a supressed immune system from MS drugs and works in the Healthcare field, I find it a bit disturbing. ;)

Jennifer said...

Sweetheart, I don't even know you. I went to a doctor - it's not swine flu. Chill. It's an upper resp infection. I've got a prescription.

Besides, that, if it were H1N1, IT'S THE FLU! It won't kill me!

Wash your hands, don't lick doorknobs, and don't grab shopping carts and lick your fingers. Common hygiene ought to keep you safe in this situation.