Saturday, May 9, 2009

Has Anyone Seen my Motivation?

aHH. Yes, there it is. Right next to the #$*(& antibiotics. Talk about kicking my hiney... ARGH

It took all I had yesterday to clean house & do a few loads of laundry. Now today I thought I'd be a hot head, and push mow the yard. Good grief! Antibiotics Thursday night made me sick, yesterday wore me out, and today, well, they're cleaning out the rest of any possible bacteria within a mile of me. *sigh*

I'm riding Ransom tomorrow if it kills me. That's all there is to it. I haven't mentioned it, trying not to have bad luck, but I'm taking him to Miss Barbara's Friday- ride, lesson, watch her or someone else ride him over fences, and "finish the paperwork". Talk about excited! Making my boy, mine, in any capacity, on paper. :) That'll make it, official & stuff.

Thank God for a boyfriend and a best friend to feed the critters, care for me, and help me concentrate even a little bit on getting better. I will kick this nasty-ness, I really will.. hmph.


Strawberry Lane said...

Just discovered your site. Sorry, about the antibiotics and all that goes with it, but you are a very amusing girl describing your day.

Good luck with Ransom

Jennifer said...

Hi there! Welcome to the reading-crew. I'm happy to see you read & comment.