Friday, May 29, 2009

5/29/09 Ransom

R had to work for the day, so I took full advantage of my day off. We had breakfast together, then he headed out. I ran errands, got some shopping done, startled the fellas at the feed store (a girl in a skirt will do that, I suppose), got my housework finished up, and grabbed Ransom.

It was one of those days I felt like, "Wow. He's cool!" Ransom had a great 45 minute work out, with a lot of counter bending at the walk, and a bit at the trot. He tilted his nose out on a trot circle left, and then bent his whole neck, as if to say, "Yeah, Mom, I know it's coming, so just go on & do it." Stinker! Ain't no fun to discipline you if you already know it's coming.

I did bit him with a Sprenger Aurigan French link O-ring I have. It was Chewie's favorite bit. Ransom seemed to like it, because he gave quite a bit. I set it up with my new dressage bridle. As I put it on him for the first time, and put the flash over his mouth on, I hesitated. I was totally unsure how it would go, but he was a good sport. He did fight the contact a bit less than he has in the full cheek slow twist. I figured it was a good sign.

R came back to town after big-city adventures, showed up at the front door (a bit to my surprise), flowers in-hand. Hmmm... :) Kinda startin' to like this spoiled state I'm in.. Might could get used to it, don'cha know!

With all the chores complete, and all my boys home safe & sound, I slept like a solid rock all night.. *sigh* spoiled,,, yup, that's it!


Jennifer said...

Ahhh, how awesome! We both got flowers friday! You seem to have gotten yours 'just because'....I got mine cause boy in dog house! :) but got them, none the less! :) COOL~

Jennifer said...

Ummmms.. no comment..