Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5/18 Ransom

First thought, the saddle does make a difference. I found it very difficult last night to feel my upper leg on the saddle (or on the horse). Contact was on my calves, up against the saddle flap. Made for a more difficult ride. I did find the canter work a little easier than last week, but still difficult to completely sit my bottom down in the saddle. When I did, I felt waaaay behind him.

Ransom had spent the day conjuring up plans to make my ride difficult. Our canter transitions were a battle. He didn't want to go into it, and sure didn't want to stay there. After a few decent canters, I spent nearly 30 minutes solid focused on collected trot. He wanted a loose rein, I wanted collection & attention. Finally, he decided that arguing with me wasn't getting him anywhere, and the ride got easier.

A brief description, but honestly, it wasn't BRM Friday, but still better than our rides last week or the week before.

Lesson tonight. Plenty to discuss with Jen about the BRM lesson, feed concerns, and immediate future goals with Ransom. Oh yeah, and I'll get to ride, too. :)

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