Thursday, May 14, 2009

5/13/09 New Feet, Haircut

Both boys got new hooves last night. Romeo trim & reset, Ransom trim & new shoes! Cool!! He'll be fantastic Friday now! =) Thanks to Mr D for rearranging his calendar to fit the boys in before our trip.

Borrowed a pair of thinning shears from Jen, and I went to town on Ransom's mane last night while he ate supper. He stood perfectly quiet, didn't throw his head around, didn't argue with me at all. I not only got it thinned out considerably, I also got it shortened quite a bit. It's not super super short, but a bit less than half what it was. Fantastic!

Tonight, we ride, bathe, and pack for the trip. Much to accomplish, so at least enough hours of daylight to get the jobs done.

Countdown to BRM - 1 day! :)

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