Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life, Um, Update

A moment worth sharing with everybody that reads, since it brought a big smile to my face..

Someone at work said to me yesterday, "You're different than you've been."
I answered, "Really?! How so?"
"You're happier, and calmer."

Yup.. that about covers it. Yes, work is stressful. Yes, this headcold turned into laryingitis is kicking my hiney. Yes, I am frustrated with a few odds and ends here & there.

But, Yep. I'm happy, I'm more relaxed, and I'm enjoying things more than I have before. I could elaborate, but isn't it just more fun leaving ya'll wondering??

It's in the details, folks.. it's all in the details. If you've been keeping up daily, there's been hints here & there... I've got all intentions on protecting his privacy, and mine. No, don't panic. I didn't run off & get married, and there are no babies on the way (just in case my family is reading this & not telling me). But life is good... very good.


Stephanie said...

WooHoo!!! Being happy and having someone to share it with is awesome!

Jennifer said...

I know that's right. Sure does make the days easier... and happier, and calmer, and all that goofy stuff.